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30 Second Mood Boost

Instant mood boost formula, right here. Are you having an “off” day? You can spend a few minutes in an Instagram black hole, but that probably won’t actually make you feel better. We feel nice and disassociated when we fall into Internet black holes, but that doesn’t fix a weird mood.

If you want a real mood boost, you’ll need to jumpstart your brain by being a little creative and silly. Make a list of your favorite (non-human) things in the world. It’s meant to be fast and fun. Scrawl down whatever comes to your head first on the nearest piece of paper.




  1. Seltzer


  1. Coffee


  1. Fresh flowers


  1. The John Mayer albums Born and Raised and Paradise Valley


  1. Going to the park


  1. Motivational quotes


  1. Going to the movies


  1. My magazine subscriptions


  1. TED Talks in the car


Odds are good, when you get to the “10 spot,” you’ll have a couple of ideas vying for that place. You could keep naming your favorite things. You could go on for awhile, thinking of things you really, really like.

Still feel shitty?

Go for a walk, or get some exercise. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was, “Have you ever gone to the gym and said to yourself afterwards, ‘That was a bad idea?’” I said: No, never.

That’s a sixty-minute mood boost. Right now, we’re looking for fast gratification. And what better way than to make a list of all your favorite things? It can really change the channel in your brain.

Your turn. Ten things.

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